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Too much experience

After 18 years on the iSeries, I've decided it's time to give up on this technology. From my experience, companies are only looking for 4 to 5 years experience, any more than that and you are out of luck. So I was wondering what is the future of the Unix job market? And what specific languages are needed there?

Rather than moving from the iSeries...

You will find that someone in the Unix environment with three years is considered senior...
The Unix environment is inundated with "Specialists"... very few Unix people have experience outside their specific expertise.

Examine your background in iSeries.... Most companies are looking for professionals with MRP/ERP background (JDE World and/or OneWorld, Infinium, etc) Experience in WebSphere, Java, and other Web-based technologies are also important.

BE ADVISED.... We see many iSeries professionals leaving the environment only to find that the job market is soft -- EVERYWHERE -- not just in the AS/400 shops. Companies are looking for the biggest bang for the buck... a PA with 3-5 years experience is cheaper than a seasoned professional....(NOT less expensive in the long run).

The market is turning around so.. keep the faith!


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