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Tips for upgrading to CA Express

I am in the process of upgrading my AS/400 from V4R4 to V4R5. Along with that upgrade, we will be moving to Client Access Express. Because of company restrictions in Client PC images (we all have the same software and desktops), I cannot immediately upgrade each PC client to the newest version of CA on upgrade weekend. I must do the upgrade on test clients for a trail period, and keep all the other clients up and productive.

My question is how backwards-compatible is Client Access Express with previous versions of Client Access?

What did you mean when you asked if Client Access Express was backwards-compatible with Client Access? You would not be able to have more than one release of Client Access on a PC at a time. On the iSeries you can have more than one release of Client Access.

As far as your other releases of Client Access, you should be able to connect to the iSeries the same as before. There will not be an issue with having two different Client Access releases connecting to the AS/400.

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