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Time to clean up the system

I have acquired a used 9406-17e with 2 6607, 4gig drives. When I use the wrkdsksys command it shows both drives at 81.8% used. All I have loaded at this time is the operating system and going through all the libraries, it adds up to 3.75 gig. Why do both drives show at 81.8%?
Looks like you might need to do some cleaning up on your system. Especially with the small amount of disk space you have, it is important to clean frequently. Go through the QGPL library and remove all save files for PTFs. The files usually start with QSF, QSI, QMF. You might want to do a RCLSTG which will require a restricted system. Look for any QHST* files that are old and remove them. Also do a disk reorganize (GO CMDDSK). Hope this helps a bit.

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