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Time to clean up the STMF objects

On my system the IFS directory contains 132,000 STMF objects. Most of these objects art out of date and no longer used. I need to cleanup this mess. Can you help? I would to like to learn about some automated process.
Although it's not automated, an easy way to delete large numbers of objects in the IFS is to use operations navigator, then select file system, Integrated file system and then select the directory/objects that you want to delete.

If you want to delete all the objects in a directory, you can use the DEL command ex. DEL OBJLNK('/mydir/*')

If you really want it to be automated then I would either use an API or use the DSPLNK to print a list of objects, copy the spool file to a DB file and then read the DB file to decide what to do with certain objects.


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