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There's a problem with the CPYFRMIMPF command

I am having some problems with the CPYFRMIMPF command. The file that I am importing was scanned from user responses on a pre-printed form into a CSV file. The data on some of the records are of dubious validity so I need these problem records written to an error file. So far nothing that I have tried has written any thing to the error file. The file is created and is defined as having 1 field with nulls allowed. The job log tells me how many records were imported and gives me a message for every record not imported -- just nothing in the error file. My intent is to use what would be the record key of the records in the error file to create a list of keys for the data entry people to manually key these records. Any help that you might provide is greatly appreciated.

When dealing with data of dubious validity, I've had good luck with this approach. Create a file that the same amount of fields that are in your CSV file. Define all fields as alphanumeric, allowing nulls and big enough to hold your data elements.


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