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The top five sites for good AS/400 information

I am a beginner with the AS/400 and need help with getting a overview of what it is? How it works? What it is coded in? All of the usual AS/400 information is what I am looking for. Do you know of any free Web sites with this level of information?

Here are some of the resources I keep as bookmarks in my Internet Browser:

1. search400.com
2. iSeries AS/400 Information Center
3. Integrated Application Servers
4. AS400Journal.com
5. AS400 Network

These 5 sites should provide you with hours of fun, fact-filled browsing.... enjoy!


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I recently started a job at a company that uses AS400 as a FP&A.

Though the company's been around for many years, it seems like there isn't really any in-house person that knows the system in depth.

I've been reading and trying to figure out a way to connect the AS400 to excel, SQL express, Access and figure out where all the data is located at since AS400 isn't really excel friendly nor we have any BI tool for the system...

So here are my questions:

1. within the AS400, how can you find out what schema and table a program is using to pull its data?

(P/L statement is pulling its data from which data table in which schema???)

2. thankfully there are few queries built years ago that uses sales data table, so I found where I could find all the sales data, but I would like to join it with another table in I Series data transfer so it's pulling each accounts' detail information too.

When I try selecting columns from various table, weird information is pulled... how would I fix this issue?

Sorry if my questions are nonsense, I have no knowledge in programming nor AS400...But I really would like to find out how to connect and pull data from AS400 to other systems correctly and know where data are...The way they've been doing financial analysis work is just not efficient!!!!

Any comments would help, thank you in advance.