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The connection time for Client Access is slow

I have a customer with an iSeries 436. The past few months the connection time for Client Access using TCP/IP can be five to ten minutes. Any suggestions as to what I can look for? The disk utilization has not changed.

This is VERY broad but one may choose the following pattern when security is a big issue:

* Set TCPIP on the iSeries 400 (yes, I know that TCPIP is considered insecure, but I beg to differ.)

* Install the cryptographic licensed program on the iSeries.

* Install Client Access with SSL support (or any other telnet client with SSL support) on the client.

* Buy software that guards you against incoming requests and configure it on the iSeries.

* Use one of the 'one time password generators' so that you may force users to use unique passwords.

* Do all the 'regular iSeries security' such as set the security level to 50, prevent un limited restores etc.


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