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The best way to keep a batch job from running

What is the best way to prevent a batch job from running in the interactive environment? We have numerous users that have the authority to move their jobs around and they keep putting these into qinter jobq so they will run immediately. Is it the routing data that needs to be changed?

There are multiple ways to solve this.

1. Remove the entry for *ALL (Should be entry 9999) on the subsystem description. This can sometimes be a dangerous move, as any entry normally submitted to QINTER with a routing entry that does not match any of the entries will terminate abnormally.

2. Add an entry for QCMDB and set the class (*CLS) to use QSYS/QBATCH. This will allow it to run in the QINTER subsystem, but at the QBATCH priority.

3. Add an entry for QCMDB and create your own class with a run priority of 55. This will allow it to run in the QINTER subsystem, but at a slower rate than QBATCH and QINTER.

4. Limit the CHGJOB authority. This will cause some programs to terminate abnormally, because if the user executes a CL that requires the CHGJOB command, it will generate a CPF error.

5. Write your own version of the CHGJOB command and check user profiles.

6. Create an exit point program for the CHGJOB command.

7. Get control of your users.

I have done all of the above in multiple shops. My favorite is using #7 by implementing #3.


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