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The ASP on our AS/400 seems to grow rapidly on a daily basis

The ASP on our AS/400 seems to grow rapidly on a daily basis. We have noticed that the 'current unprotect used' 0n the wrksyssts screen seems to reach its specific maximum value every day. Can you tell me what type of temporary objects are stored here and would this affect the increase of our available ASP on a daily basis.

As each job is executed (batch as well as interactive jobs), they allocate and use the space required to perform their tasks. Objects that are created, programs that are executed and held in memory (such as returning without setting on *InLr), temporary files created in QTEMP and other system objects are held with the job. If the system doesn't actually require them during the current process, the system will move them out to DASD. This is probably what is spiking your DASD during the day. Signing off and back on, cleaning up old spooled files, clearing QRPLOBJ and other simple steps can be used to help you out.

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