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The AS/400 is a whole new animal

I have some past experience with the AS/400. But it's a whole new animal now. How can I see the "big" picture? Somewhere that I could "drill down" to identify unknown areas(I understand about outqs,jobqs,devd etc.). Or, where I could "drill up" when I read about something in order to appreciate what it is a part of? Then maybe I could identify what courses I may need, or what Redbook/manual would assist me?

A good place to get restarted (and welcome home), would be the AS/400 Technical studio . This area has a section called iSeries (AS/400) 101. This area will lead you through all of the setup information, which indirectly indicates some of the changes. The next place would be the online library where you can access the normal books, the Information Center and Redbooks.

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