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The AS/400 as a file server in a network of PCs

How can I use the AS/400 as a file server in a network of PCs (instead of using NT server for file and print s...


You can use your AS/400 as a file and print server by using the AS/400 NetServer feature.

AS/400 NetServer is integrated in OS/400 starting with V4R2. AS/400 NetServer supports the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol through the use of Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) on AS/400. This communication allows clients to access directories in the AS/400 Integrated File System and output queues Without any additional client software.

More details can be found at the AS/400 NetServer Home Page.

I would recommend the use of the AS/400 NetServer for file sharing only on small networks (up to 100 clients).

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