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The 400 time

What am I missing here? The 400 time is correct, the PC time is correct, and the mail server time is correct, but when I access Operations navigator, or send e-mail messages from the 400 or open Ops. Nav. the time is always 5 hrs behind. For instance right now being 10:15 A.M. if I snddst *doc to an e-mail the e-mail time will be 5:15 A.M. dates are correct. Same with Ops. Nav. Any help would be appreciated as I am running out of places to look and am out of ideas. Thank you in advance.

I would make a general assumption that the mail server operates based on GMT. If you look at your system value QUTCOFFSET, it is probably set to -05:00. If you are in the Eastern Time Zone, such as North Carolina, it would be set to GMT -5. If you were in the central time zone, your system would be set to GMT -6. Most E-Mail servers stamp the GMT time as well as the local time. If the AS/400 doesn't have a mechanism to know what the appropriate offset would be, the e-mails will have the GMT stamp. If you find a place to set the time to stamp local time as well as GMT, let me know and I will get it posted.

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