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Text conversion on sharing

I am trying to read a file that resides on the iSeries from a Windows PC. The file displays in the wrong format. I have specified EBCDIC/ASCII text conversion in the share of the directory. I have also change the CCSID to 37. What do I need to do to be able to read the file from my Windows server?

I assume you are trying to look at files in QSYS.LIB from the Windows server (otherwise the EBCDIC to ASCII conversion is not required).

The most important thing to remember is to add an extension for the conversion '.mbr' (that is every file with .mbr is a candidate to text conversion) this is done on the share text conversion property tab.

Secondly, the CCSID to choose is the ANSI code page (for example 1251).

Thirdly, remember that only source and flat files can be opened using this share.


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