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Temporary storage spikes

We have an iSeries 810 where the operating system sits in ASP1 -- around 52GB. Normally, this sits at around 50% used. However, intermittently, something happens that increases the usage to over 80%. I presume this is temporary storage (as an IPL usually sorts this). How can I find out specifically what libraries/objects are using the temporary storage so I can run a reclaim instead of IPL-ing? I know I can run the command over *ALL, but I would really like to find out why this is happening.

For now I am stuck with the OS in ASP1, as this is a 24/7 production machine.
To pinpoint temporary storage spikes, it would be best to perform a licensed internal code dump using SST, get the file from it, and open a PMR with IBM. I would suggest opening the PMR first, telling them your problem as you told us. They would be able to give you the necessary parameters you will need to build a file for them. IBM will no doubt request that you send them this file. They will be able to analyze the file and help you determine the reason for the spikes. Unfortunately, there are no third-party tools that will do this. This is really "internal" IBM analysis, and only they can provide an analysis.


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