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System timeout issue

We recently upgraded to a model 820 from a 720. The 720 was a M4V5R0, the 820 is a M5V2R0, and the Client Access is now V5R2. The issue I am having is with our UPS machines, which uses ODBC to transfer the shipping information to the iSeries. Under the new system, when the system is unused for 20 minutes or sometimes less, it times out and we have to reboot to get connected again. Any thoughts?

This is a timeout issue. There is no idle timeout in the database server or in the iSeries TCP layer. There is no idle timeout in the client (ODBC driver or JDBC driver). Any idle timeout must come from the network.

A work around may be to lower the TCP keep alive using CHGTCPA. For good explanation on this issue click here.


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