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System performance and SQL

We are experiencing performance problems with our iSeries when the system is creating duplicate objects. We have been doing this procedure for some time now in QTEMP, but recently the performance has deteriorated. Certain jobs that create duplicate objects used to take around one minute to process are now taking approximately 50 minutes. The only thing we are doing different is we are now using SQL. Do you have any idea what would affect the performance in such a way?
Although there is not enough information to formulate a very accurate answer, here would be some suggestions:

1. Look at the system when there appears to be a real slowdown. Is one job or process consuming a lot of CPU performance? If so, is that job an SQL program?

2. Are you running SQL statements against very large physical files with very few logical files? (This would be where I would start.) The iSeries attempts to find the best logical file for a query process. If there are very few logical files, the iSeries may be reading a lot of unnecessary records.


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