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System development lifecycle

What is the definition of system development lifecycle (SDLC)?

In my book, SDLC means: Synchronous Data Link Control, a communications protocol.

Here is what IBM has to say about it:

Synchronous data link control (DLCSDLC) is one of the generic data link controls. It provides an access procedure for transparent and code-independent information interchange across teleprocessing and data networks, as defined in the SDLC Concepts document.

The list of architecture supported by DLCSDLC includes:

Normal disconnected mode (NDM) and normal response mode (NRM)
Two-way alternate (half-duplex) data flow
Secondary station point-to-point, multipoint, and multi-multipoint configurations
Primary station point-to-point and multipoint configurations
Modulo 8 transmit-and-receive sequence counts
Nonextended (single-byte) station address.


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