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Supporting more workstations on your system

I have an AS/400(AS/36)model 9402 and I have run out of available workstation assignments. I have an 8-port attachment to a workstation controller and I was wondering if I can assign more than 40 workstations to it. I am running on SSP and have another workstation controller showing available, but I am not sure if I have the connection on the back of the system unit available to me. How can I support over 40 workstations on this system unit?

It all depends on which model you have. I assume that you are running Twinax terminals. Each 8 devices must have a single connection to the controller card in order to be supported. If you have an Ethernet Card installed, you can support the devices through a Hub or Router. To find more specific information about how to do this, go to Ibm and search for "Twinax" and your model number (eg. 170, 270, F35...). You should find some configuration information on your specific model.

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