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Submit a FULL system backup to batch

We want to submit the save 21 (qmnsave) unattended, that is, not the Friday or Saturday night connect to console...

and to type GO SAVE 21. We want to schedule the command to make the entire full backup unattended. Are we correct in believing that this is not possible? What would you recommend to ensure a complete backup?

Currently it is not possible to submit a FULL system backup to batch. The SAVSYS portion requires a dedicated system in a restrictive state and must run from the system console, interactively. The SAVLIB *NONSYS command has this requirement also.

There are several very good third-party backup solutions that provide ways to run the SAVSYS process unattended. They provide a program to interface with the system console while the system is in a restrictive state. IBM's BRMS/400 and HELP Systems backup products are a couple you might want to investigate.


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