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Subfile confusion

I have a situation where I have two subfiles for display of data to the user. SFL 1 is the left side of date, SFL 2 is right side of data. CMD keys used to move from SFL 1 TO SFL 2. If I page through either SFL, and then use the command key to look at other side, the subfile views get out of sync. How can I keep 2 subfiles in sync so that if I use command key to look at subfile 2 it corresponds with subfile 1?

The simplest way to do this is to load the subfiles one page at a time. Do not use a command key to flip, or if you do, just set your switch so that you know which subfile the user is processing. Turn on your SFLDSPCTL and SFLDSP on both subfiles. Write to each and do your EXFMT or Read on the display file name. This will display both subfiles and the user can page on either site or enter data on either side. Check to see if the roll(up/dn) keys were used and reposition both subfiles accordingly.

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