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Subfile blinking/blanking

I have a subfile (PGM A) into which the user can enter an option code that causes a window (PGM ) to pop up with more detailed information. If the user enters this option on more than one subfile record, the window will display multiple times before the subfile/control records are written again in PGM A.

When the second (and subsequent) windows of PGM B display, the screen behind them (PGM A) goes black. If I select one subfile record at a time only, everything displays OK. It is only when I am doing multiple calls to PGM B without redisplaying PGM A in between that I run into the black background problem.

I have been trying to use keywords such as KEEP, USRRSTDSP, RMVWVW, and others to fix the problem, but with no success. I am also using the dummy record with 'assume' in it already in my Window program. I am sure I have written programs for previous employers that did this, but I just can't remember how. Guess I'm getting old.

I personally use OVERLAY, PUTOVR and FRCDTA to write the PGM A screen prior to the call to PGM B and ERASE when PGM B is done with the subfile. It requires passing an indicator to say there are more records to be displayed, but the trade off in time to remember how to do it is a fair trade.


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