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Storing an employees PIN number

What is the best field in a user profile for storing information such as an employee's PIN number? We are going to compare this field against a file that contains HR information; disabling user profiles if the PIN has been terminated.

The answer depends on whether you consider a user's PIN to be confidential information. If it is, it shouldn't be stored in the user profile. If it's confidential, I recommend that you use a validation list object (*VLDL) to store the information. You can create a validation list through the CRTVLDL command, but you must manipulate them (input and retrieve information) using the validation list APIs. If the information is not used, then pick a field that you do not use - perhaps the accounting code or text field. Another possibility is to use the UID field. Rather than using the system generated UID, you could use the PIN as the UID (assuming that it's an all-numeric field and the PINs are unique across user profiles and again, that it is not considered confidential.)


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