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Storage solution for Macintosh clients on the AS/400

I'm interested of a storage solution for Macintosh clients on a AS/400. When will there be an implementation of the Appletalk IP protocol in the AS/400? There's the SMB protocol for Windows networks, there is a solution for Novell networks, and there are solutions for Unix as well with NFS. But you don't have a solution for Apple Macintosh networks. I know there are Telnet5250 clients for the Macintosh platform, but where is the file support? I would like to use the AS/400 as a Macintosh Fileserver.

I know there is a fileserver solution for Unix/AIX called Ether share, and I know the PACE technology is introduced making it possible to run Unix programs on an AS/400, but would it work to run Ether share on an AS/400?

Are there any plans for those who want the best of two worlds (Mac and AS/400)?

IBM supports shared drives for windows clients. IBM currently does not support Appletalk and I don't know the future plans to do this either. Implementing TCP on your MAC clients would be an alternative to this.

This was last published in April 2001

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