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Storage pools paging options

I have a question in regards to storage pools, *calc or *fixed. We just migrated from a S30 to an 820 with 180.g running 4.5. The machine screams! I realize that memory and drives (more arms, the faster that data is retrieved) contribute to the quickness. What is the better way to have the storage pools paging options setup *calc to let the system maintain it or *fixed and I maintain it?

Personally, I'm a big fan of automatic system tuning, especially on a larger system with lots of activity. I would set QPFRADJ (Performance adjustment) to 3, the paging option for the *MACHINE and *SPOOL memory pools to *FIXED and then turn on Expert Cache (*CALC) for all other memory pools.

As the IBM manual says: "One advantage for using Expert Cache (*CALC) is that the system dynamically determines which objects should have larger blocks of data brought into main storage. This is based on how frequently the object is accessed. If the object is no longer accessed heavily, the system automatically makes the storage available for other objects that are accessed. If the newly accessed objects then become heavily accessed, the objects have larger blocks of data placed in main storage."

This kind of performance tuning is best handled by the system. Use *CALC. In fact, I can't think of any major reason why you shouldn't...


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