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Spool files to PDF with InfoPrint Server

iSeries Print/Output Management expert Chip Milosch discusses how to create a PDF files using spool files from InfoPrint Server.

We are using an InfoPrint Server to create a PDF file from spool files. Is there a way for InfoPrint to control the size and resolution of the PDF created?
Size and resolution for Infoprint Server printers are both controlled by values in the *PSFCFG object used with the printer. The relevant parameters are shown here:

Generate PDF output . . . . . . PDFGEN *STMF

+ for more values

PDF device emulation type . . . PDFDEVTYPE *IP40300
(Controls resolution)
PDF paper size drawer 1 . . . . PDFPPRDWR1 *LETTER (Controls paper size based on the attribute of spooled file)
PDF paper size drawer 2 . . . . PDFPPRDWR2 *LEGAL DRAWER

Orientation is really dynamic, based on the page of the spooled file.

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