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Speeding up server times and printer sessions

On our NT 4.0 Server, we installed CA400 Express Client 4.4.0 and use 6 pcs. PC5250-Printer sessions. In the NT, TASK-List the Program PCSCM.EXE now needs between 85% and 95% of the CPU, and the NT Server is getting slower and slower. What's wrong, and what can we do?

I'm not aware of such a problem, you should check and make sure that the client access is in it's latest version and patch level.

I will also consider the use lpr/lpd solution instead of pc5250 print emulation. If your sessions are meant for printers only, the following is a better approach:

1. Install the NT lpd service and start it.

2. On the AS/400 create a remote output queue/ the outq will point to queue on the NT machine.

This will send via lpr/lpd every spool in the specified queue to windows, and from there it is just a plain simple NT print request.

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