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Someone changed the default QSYSOPR messages

We have a problem in that all of our QSYSOPR messages are being automatically responded to. For instance, Forms changes are answered with a G and you can no longer print from that device since it always responds with a G. Other messages such as File full are being responded to with cancel whereas before they would come up on the users CRT or state message waiting.

Someone either at your site now or formerly, changed the default response to these messages. If you are not comfortable with the system, I would suggest that you call IBM Software Support and have them explain how to change these message replies back to the "shipped" default responses. If you are familiar and comfortable with the system, you could begin by writing down the message number of each message in question. Then use the WRKMSGD command to change the default reply back to the "shipped" values.


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This was last published in October 2001

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