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Size limit of DB2 table in V6R1 on IBM i

The upper limit of a DB2 table on V6R1 remains unchanged from V5R4 at 1.7 TB. However, SQL can be used to create larger partitioned tables with IBM's DB2 Multisystem product. Each partition in this arrangement can store 1.7 TB.

The upper limitation of a dtabase table is 1.7 TB in the V5R4 version. How about the limitation of database table in V6R1?
The limit in V6R1 is unchanged. If you're approaching this maximum limit for a table, you can consider using SQL partitioned tables -- each partition in the table can store up to 1.7 TB. Partitioned tables do require the purchase of the DB2 Multisystem product. They also require planning and testing before moving them into a production environment. IBM has a Table Partitioning white paper to help with the planning process.

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