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Single-level storage dilemma

I have a system with 40 disks -- all in ASP1. Thirty-five disks have 80% occupation and the others all have 99.8. I thought this was impossible with single-level storage?

It's less likely but not impossible. The most likely explanation for your dilemma is that at one point your system was tight on disk space and you added new drives. When you do that, the data on the existing drives doesn't get moved automatically, so I would guess that the data on those drives is fairly static. If you want to easily balance the data on your disk drives, click here.


  • I had a similar problem a few years ago, and IBM determined mine was because journals were favoring eight drives over others. Once I purged some receiver entries, the DASD returned to normal. Sorry, but I cant remember whether there was a permanent fix or not.--Roger Engel

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