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Simplify the process of converting a spool file from iSeries into an Excel spreadsheet

To simplify and accelerate the process of converting a spool file from iSeries into an Excel spreadsheet, eliminate the creation of the spool file and instead create a CVS text file, which can easily be loaded into Excel.

I need to transfer a spool file from the iSeries to the server and convert it to an Excel spreadsheet.

Currently, I copy the spool file to a database file and then implement a file transfer protocol (FTP), relocating the file to the server in .txt format, and then convert this .txt format to Excel. As you can imagine, it's very time consuming. What can I do to simplify this function?

Is it possible to just eliminate the creation of the spool file?

The CPYTOIMPF command can be used to create a CSV text file that can be loaded easily into Excel. If the spool file is being generated by a query, the new IBM DB2 Web Query offering supports a spreadsheet output format when running DB2 Web Query reports.

This was last published in March 2009

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