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Should we do the CUM first or last?

In your article, "Admin Alert: Installing CUM fixes and Group PTFs in subsequent order", what you mentioned is what we used to do: "...they did explain that in the future the best method for applying PTF CUMs is to install the CUM first in a delayed mode, execute an IPL and then install the hyper PTFs or any other subsequent PTFs."

Since then, though, I thought that I had read documentation that said to do the CUM *LAST*, not *FIRST*. That made sense to me at the time, since, if you do the HIPERs and such *FIRST*, you'll get what you want and the superseded CUM PTF won't need to be applied. If you do the CUM first, you'll get the "old" one applied, then it will have to be replaced by the "new" one. Hmmm.... Some differences between support and the documentation?

The article that you are referring to has been one of great confusion. My recommendations for installing PTF's is to read the directions that come with the PTF's whether it is a CUM, HYPER, or individual PTF. There are always exceptions that need to be taken notice of. My personal preference is to do the CUM first, IPL and then apply the hypers, with the understanding that there are not special requirements in terms of applying the PTF's in a specific manner.


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