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Should I power off before I hot swap the AS/400?

When replacing a QIC tape drive on a 600E AS/400 is it necessary to stop and power off the AS/400 or can this be...

hot swapped?

It is possible to hot-swap devices on the AS/400. I had to do this when a QIC drive (6385 I think) kept on having to be changed or re-initialized by removing it and putting it back. There is, though, a procedure to follow. If my memory serves me right, you have to use the SST menu. Be very careful. You need to find out the location of the hardware. Thanks to the SST menu, it is possible to specify a location you want switched off. You can then remove the device and exchange it. Then, you can power it back on. I remember on 1 occasion (at least), specifying a wrong location. I then pulled out the drive. The system, believing there was a problem, contacted IBM to report it, but did not crash. I still would not recommend pulling the device out without first switching the location off... The best may be to contact IBM if it is the first time you need to do it.


This was last published in June 2001

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