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Should I install a sense cable?

We have a model 820 connected to a Powerware UPS. The OS/400 is V4R5. We currently do NOT have the sense cable installed that will activate the shutdown mechanism for the iSeries 400 in the event of a power failure.

My question is this: If I connect the sense cable from the iSeriesto the UPS, and if the power is not restored within the time that is specified by QUPSDLYTIM, will the system issue a shutdown with *IMMED or *CNTRLD?

The reason I ask this question is that we only have about 30 minutes of battery power before the UPS fails (I base this estimate on the last outage we had). If the shutdown is *CNTRLD this probably will not give us enough time. I am trying to determine if installing this sense cable is going to really help us or not.

The system will power down in a controlled fashion. To calculate the amount of time required to power down and save main storage, (2.816*(MS size in MB)) + 30 = # of seconds required to save main storage. I would use a delay time of approximately 20 minutes to allow for saving all main storage and powerdown. This may also be impacted by a low battery, so this should also be considered. These calculations came from the Information Studio.


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