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Shops using a code generator

Is your shop using a code generator such as Progen or Asset? If so, is it well received by the programmers, or avoided by the programmers at all costs?

We are a little bit biased in my shop. We can generate applications just as fast that are smaller, more efficient and don't have any of the limitations (real or perceived) that Progen, Asset and other code-generators create. In addition, the number of very talented programmers that you will insult by implementing this type of system is something that you will have to consider. In order to give you a little better perspective, there is an article called "Are developers people?". It's written by Jakob Neilsen. While I do agree with most of the article, some of what it says is not true on any level. The best developers have all of the attributes detailed in the article except they do deal well with testing groups and end users. These are the talented few that you need in your company.

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