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Setting up journals

I recently read an article by you in which you stated that you journal all physical files in your production libraries. How is this done? It would take me weeks maybe months to setup journals on all the possible files in my production libraries.
Setting up journaling is actually very easy. I'm not sure why you believe it would take "weeks" to set up. In a previous posting I detailed out all the steps. In summary they are:

Create a message queue to receive journal related messages
Create a journal receiver
Create a journal
Execute the appropriate STRJRN* command for each object you wish to journal:

STRJRNAP Start Journal Access Path (Not recommended, use SMAPP instead)
STRJRNOBJ Start Journal Object
STRJRNPF Start Journal Physical File

Note: You can journal MANY objects to a single journal.

What part of this process do you think will take so long? A simple CLP could be written to select the entire physical file in a library, for example, and then execute the STRJRNPF against each of them. I do this against my production data library and the whole "start journaling" process only takes a few minutes.


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