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Setting up double-sided printing from the AS/400

When setting up double-sided printing from the AS/400 you want to ensure that BACKOVL is set as a constant back, the printer file definition includes DUPLEX (*YES), and when writing to the page, only the front page is printed to.

I have compiled a printer file on AS/400 (V5R3) with device type =AFPDS, frontovl and backovl. This is a purchase order file where the frontovl will print the PO details and the backovl will print the PO terms and conditions. When I try to print this file it prints the frontovl properly but the back overlay instead of being printed on the back of the first page gets printed on the front of the second page (the PO is a single page output). Please let me know as to how can I print the back overlay on the back of the first page itself.
This will work, you just have to make sure that you do a couple of things:
  • The BACKOVL should be specified as a constant back
  • Make sure the printer file definition includes DUPLEX(*YES)
  • When writing to the PO page, only print the "front" page. The duplexed, back overlay will occur automatically.

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