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Setting up a dial-up connection

Setting up a dial-up connection

I need to set up a dial-up connection to a credit-card processing company from our iSeries to send/receive transaction files using FTP daily. They will not support a PPP line, so it has to be a regular dial-up connection (56k). What I don't know is how the FTP process will know to go over the line and not through our Internet connection. This process needs to be put in a CL as it will run on a daily schedule.
To use FTP you need a connection that is capable of handling IP traffic. Based on your IP configuration, your traffic will get routed to the correct machine. From your question, I'm not sure what type line you are talking about (SDLC or IP). SDLC lines are the old IBM modems and typically have a speed on the low end (9600, 14,4000, etc.). IP-type modems are the ones you would use on your PC and generally go up to 56K. While I believe you can do an IP connection over an SDLC line with the right configuration (I've never done it), I generally do it this way:

If it's an SDLC connection, I like either SNADS, DDM, or use an API such as QY2FTML. For an IP connection, I definitely prefer FTP.


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