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Setting up a data area in your printing application

We've designed a 'order taking' application that uses RF handheld terminals. The 'user' scans a barcode that writes a record to the open order file. After the user has completed the order, they will select a function key to print the order. We'll have 40 users taking orders all at the same time. We have two laser printers attached to the AS/400. What I'd like is some way to 'load balance' the printing. Example, if print01 is busy move the spool file to print02. Or have both printers draw from the same outq? Has anyone done anything like this before? I guess I could write a CL to monitor the outq and move jobs that way. I'm just looking for better ideas.

The easiest way would be to load balance in the print application itself. In your print application, you could setup a data area (or a record in a file) to hold the last printer used and then use the opposite printer, update your data area and override your print file to the correct printer. Using this technique, you could also tell the user to which printer their order is printing. It has the added benefit of balancing the wear and tear on each printer.

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