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Setting the font size for reports

I need to set the font size to Arial 13 in my reports (PRTF). How can I do this?

I need to set the font size to Arial 13 in my reports (PRTF). How can I do this?

There is a font keyword in DDS that is used to set the font and point size, either for the whole record format, or for an individual field. Look in the DDS manual to see how it works (see). You can also specify the font on the CRTPRTF, CHGPRTF and OVRPRTF commands. This applies the specified font to all output in the printer file, except where font is specified. You could also try the FONTNAME DDS keyword, which I have not tried yet. See here.

Note that Arial is not available! Arial is a Microsoft font, designed by Monotype, and a poor imitation of Helvetica. If you are interested, click here for more information. But you can use Helvetica, or any sans-serif font you like the look of, if you can find its font number in IBM's manuals. This can be difficult, since I don't remember the manual to look at! But you can see a list of fonts and their font IDs here, which will help you.

Do some tests, and see what suits you best. But be aware that using a non-monospaced or typographic font in DDS can change the position of other 'normal' output on a page. You may have to fiddle with your DDS to get your stuff to look right.

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