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Setting iSeries passwords

Setting iSeries passwords

The iSeries CHGPWD or CRTUSRPRF commands do not allow the setting of a password to all numbers, for instance 123456. However, if the user profile value for set password to expired is *YES, the user receives message CWBSY0003 when starting an iSeries Access for Windows 5250 session. This message indicates the password has expired, do you want to provide a different password now. At this time, the user can put in a password of all numbers. This then becomes their iSeries password. Why is this? We want to restrict users from entering all numbers.
The iSeries password is not all digits; "behind the scene" it appends the letter Q to the all digits password.

Try this:

CRTUSRPRF dummy password (q1234)

You will then be able to sign on to the iSeries with user dummy either using q1234 or just 1234.

You can prevent this by limiting adjacent digits in password setting system value QPWDLMTAJC to 1.


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