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Set the REUSEDLT flag to Yes

We want to set REUSEDLT flag to Yes on physical files. We have logical files with LIFO/FIFO keywords. We renamed the logicals with LIFO/FIFO and created identical logicals. The database manager rebuilds the index. We have clients that have millions of records in their database and it take too long to rebuild index.

My questions are: Why are the access paths is rebuilt? Is it not supposed to share access path of re-named logicals?

Did you use exactly the same fields as key fields with the same selections? Did you add any fields to the key? If you did not change anything but simply got rid of LIFO, FIFO or FCFO, then I guess that for the system, an access path with LIFO, FIFO or FCFO is not the same as an access path with the same fields but none of the above. This results in the system having to rebuild the access paths.


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