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Set the QLMTDEVSSN system value to 0

I have a couple of questions. First, is there a way to set the QLMTDEVSSN system value to 0 and still limit device sessions? I need for users to be able to log on at different workstations but I don't want them to get carried away. Second, is there a way to have a device log onto a specific subsystem?

Setting the QLMTDEVSSN to 1 will restrict the user to a single session at a time. Other than that, an initial program in the user profiles can allow you to control the number and location of sessions better. A simple program to retrieve the user profile and/or the job name (if you use hard-named devices) or the IP address if you want to limit location based on physical locations should do it.

If you are using hard-named devices, you can set the subsystem description for specific workstations. This will move them into subsystems without intervention. If you are going to use an initial program in the user profile, you can use TFRCTL to move the jobs/devices into specific subsystems.


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