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Sending e-mail from the AS/400

I am using SMPT to send e-mail from the AS/400. If the system status is lower than 90% it works perfectly. If it's the higher than that it doesn't work and it keeps the mail until the status goes down and starts to send it. I want to know what is the relationship between the system status and SMPT server, and how can I check the outgoing mail log from the AS/400 side?

The storage threshold, which is typically defaulted to 90%, is used in SMTP "To prevent a user from swamping your system with unwanted objects" at least according to the Tips and Tools for Securing your AS/400 manual.

You can display a log of e-mail activity by typing DSPJRN JRN(QZMF), as long as you have your SMTP attributes set to journal by using the CHGSMTPA command. If you are looking for where your e-mails are being stored before being sent, you should be able to see those by using the command WRKLNK OBJ('/QTCPTMM'). You should find the outbound mail queuing up in one of the subdirectories.

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