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Sending an IFS file to a mainframe system via FTP

I am trying to send an IFS file to a mainframe system through FTP. Though the transfer is successful, the dataset to which I am uploading the file in Mainframe gets appended with the user ID with which I have logged onto remote system. I even tried sending by putting the quotes to the dataset(this indicates the dataset should not be appended) as suggested by mainframe programmer . But this did not work; whereas when I did FTP from DOS prompt the transfer was OK with the correct dataset name. The following are the commands I am using:

Namefmt 1(to indicate the transfer is for HFS)
QUOTE CYL PRI=200 SEC=50 RECFM=FB LRECL=550 QUOtesoverride (this is mainframe command to allocate the space and the REC FMT length) PUT qdls/mydoc.txt 'dataset name'.

I would assume that you would need to use the keyword BINARY to prevent the data set on the remote system from being appended at the end of the file.


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