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Sending a report from your AS/400 to a printer on a remote AS/400

I want to send a report I create on my AS/400 to a printer on a remote AS/400 -- the remote machine is on a Frame Relay network and the printer is a 4234/2 Twinax attached. Do I just need an outq, which points to the remote outq (tried this but it defaulted to our system printer) or a remote printer (but how do I point it to the Twinax printer across the water?)

If you are running SNADS over your FR, then create an output queue to the remote system. When creating the output queue the connection type CNNTYPE(*SNA) and Destination type DESTTYPE(*OS400) must be specified. You may then define the output queue to go to the default system (*SYSTEM) printer as defined in the system value QPRTDEV, or to the default printer for a user profile (*USER). The drawback to this is that the profile must exists on both systems. If you use the user profile parameter, it will use the default printer of the remote user profile. Another alternative is to setup a user profile on the remote system with the default printer being the 4234, but then you would have to perform SNDNETSPLF for all of the spooled files. You can create a simple program to do this. I am not aware of any way to assign an IP address to a Twinax printer other than programmatically. There are a number of other software alternatives, including some packages that will handle movement and distribution of spooled files.

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