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Sending a message to QSYSOPR

Is it possible to send an e-mail/message from a Windows 2000 server to a QSYSOPR message queue?

There are several methods I can think of that are easy to implement:

* Use the FTP script from the Windows server. In the FTP script, include the following: quote rcmd sndmsg .....

* Use the REXEC client from Windows (for example the one in www.denicomp.com) to send a remote command to the iSeries.

* You can create a file in the iSeries (i.e. MYMSGPF). This file will have one field only, called message. Add a trigger to the file using ADDPFTRG. The trigger program will do SNDMSG using the record contents.

Then use FTP from the server to send the message data to file MYMSGPF.

Here's the flow:

* NT server sends -- via FTP -- a file with the required message to target file MYMSGPF in the iseries

* The record written to the file trigger is activated.

* The trigger sends the message.


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