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Send files from the iSeries to PC automatically

I want to send files from my400 to PC (WIN98 or NT . .) automatically via FTP (batch). Additionally, I want to...

send some remote commands to PC (for example, to start batch programs on PC). What PC FTP program would you recommend?

I generally try to avoid running FTP servers on PC if at all possible. I instead prefer to initiate FTP from the PC. By using the following two tips, you could execute a remote PC command that would kick off a batch file on your PC that would then initiate FTP from your PC. It would achieve the same goal that you are trying to achieve without having to use an FTP server on your PC.

The following Search400 tip shows how to execute FTP in a batch file from a PC:

Execute FTP commands in batch on the AS/400

See also the tip on the Search400 Web site about executing remote commands on a PC:

Is there a way to activate a PC program from the AS/400?

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