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Send a *LMSG successfully on AS/400 using the SNDDST command

When encountering problems using the SNDDST command to send a *LMSG on the iSeries, specify a valid SMTP name in the directory entry of the sender to receive a failure message from the mail router.

I followed the instructions concerning how to configure my IBM i and send email. However, when I use the SNDDST command sending a *LMSG, I get the response from my system that my email has been sent, even when I do not receive the mail.

The response reads, "send distribution completed successfully." Is there a way to figure out why I am not receiving the mail?

The mail router defined in the SMTP attributes is most likely where the email is getting stuck. Specifying a valid SMTP name in the directory entry of the sender might get a failure message back from the mail router.

Some mail routers may not forward email from invalid domains. Check the settings in CHGSMTPA, WRKDIRE and CHGTCPDMN to see whether or not your mail router does.

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