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Security error message in VB

I am developing an application in Visual Basic that connects to an iSeries database. The application was working properly, but then my client made some improvements in security and now I'm getting the following error:

PSW9801 The user output program NW0001E on PSCOMMON had rejected the function. Cause: The user output program NW0001E has been called in the PSCOMMON library for the function and has indicated that the function should not be accepted. Find out why the user output program had rejected the function, fix the problem and execute the function again.

That error appears when the application tries to execute an SQL statement. Can this be a security issue that prevents my application from executing the SQL statement?

It appears that an exit program is blocking your SQL statement. And given the library name, PSCOMMON, the product, PSSecure from NetIQ (formerly PentaSafe) has been installed and rules have been applied that prevent this type of access. You will have to check with your security administrator. This type of database access may be prevented by your security policy. Or perhaps a specific rule needs to be added to allow access in this case.


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