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Securing the iSeries

What different ways can iSeries users breach security? I need to know what to carry out to secure the iSeries 400 from iSeries users.

That's a really big question, and there is no easy answer. As far as OS/400 itself, the security problems are very few and far between. When a significant exposure is found, IBM tends to move very fast to fix the problem.

But as for the applications that reside on top of OS/400, the problems are as rich and varied as the number of application packages that are available. The Security exposures on your iSeries 400 are largely dependent upon the configuration options that you choose when you load and maintain the software. If you are new to OS/400 security, then the IBM manual titled "Tips and Tools for Securing OS/400" is an excellent place to start to learn about the more common security problems.

If you want to buy a commercial book on the topic, I can recommend both Carol Woodbury's and Wayne Maddens book "Implementing AS/400 Security" (29th Street Press) - it was recently released as the 4th edition - or any of Wayne Evans Books (MCPress Online) - these are a little more dated, but still contain a healthy sampling of basic OS/400 security know-how.


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